Wonersh Trains

UK Agent for Darstaed de Luxe O-gauge Electric Trains and Accessories

A1 and A2 Peppercorns / TORNADO. Who knows. Pigs do fly occasionally.

Artist's impression of Andries, a bit lop-sided after his hip operations, delivering the prototype TORNADO to an unsuspecting customer who has ordered a tournedos steak, medium rare.

A1 Peppercorn, as per list below £685 A2 Peppercorn, as per list below £685 TORNADO, card box £745 TORNADO, solid mahogany box £850

A1 Names
60114 W P Allen
60126 Sir Vincent Raven
60143 Sir Walter Scott
60144 King's Courier
60147 North Eastern
60154 Bon Accord
60156 Great Central
60158 Aberdonian
60161 North British
60163 Tornado

A2 Names
60510 Robert the Bruce
60525 A H Peppercorn
60528 Tudor Minstrel
60532 Blue Peter