Wonersh Trains

UK Agent for Darstaed de Luxe O-gauge Electric Trains and Accessories

Normal 3R coarse scale production has finished.

From now on, only 2R fine scale or semi-fine scale will be produced. If there is sufficient demand a 3R version may, repeat may be made available.

I am personally not familiar with 2R. I do not know the product and I do not myself own any so I have withdrawn from being a Darstaed distributor. I believe I am number 15 to have resigned or been sacked in only 8 years. Which must be some sort of record.

I have a few items still available which are 3R or 2R and you can see them under the appropriate pages. They are Coaches, Wagons and Accessories. I have no locomotives apart from the beautiful A4 listed below, which is 3R and if you are of a running disposition is extremely smooth, quiet and powerful.

I have cancelled all the well wagon orders I have received from customers as they will be in light weight ABS with non-swivelling couplings. To my mind not worthy of proper 3R classification.

The A4 story is truly disgraceful. My first orders were in February 2010, nearly 8 years ago. And there is no guarantee when the remaining lined ones will be produced, let alone what sort of mechanism is to be fitted. I apologise sincerely to all those loyal customers, who deserve better but it is beyond my control.

Addendum, June 20th 2017
Darstaed has posted that it is the fault of the distributors that 3R production has ceased. This is totally untrue, the culprit is Darstaed itself which talks big and produces nothing on time. The distributors and buying public have lost faith and interest, thats the reason.

A4 Locomotives. I have one special A4 in stock with twin motors incorporating direct drive. The motors are of superior quality and the old noisey gearbox is eliminated. This makes these examples very smooth and quiet, certainly as quiet as the latest ACE Britannia and 9Fs. But much more powerful as the A4s have all 6 driving wheels driven but free to be pushed by hand. The conversion has been done by the official Darstaed repair agent Allister Hughes, who has checked every loco in great detail. This is a one off opportunity and will never be repeated. You would expect me to say that but trust me, it really is your last chance of a super performing A4. Updated Dec 6th 2017 Only 1 now available, Bittern, see below.


1. Sir Nigel Gresley, Garter Blue, no valances, No 7 Corridor tender, SOLD

2. Dominion of Canada, Garter Blue, no valances, No 4489, fitted with bell in front of single chimney. Corridor tender. The bell does not ring but swings, very realistic. £795 SOLD

3. Mallard, Garter Blue no valances, No 4468, Double chimney and non-corridor tender, as per example in the NRM. Shaded letters, Black nameplate. £745 SOLD

4. Empire of India, Garter Blue, with valances, No 11, corridor tender. SOLD

5. Bittern, with valances, Garter Blue No 4464, single chimney, non-corridor tender, Red nameplate. £745

6. Silver Link in Silver Grey No 2509, valanced, shaded lettering, Single Chimney, corridor tender. £745 SOLD

7. Silver Fox in Silver Grey, No 2512, valanced. Shaded lettering, Single Chimney, corridor tender. The boiler has a small silver fox below the nameplate, as per the original. SOLD