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Six Wheel Coaches. £265 set of 4. Extra Full Brakes available.

The introduction of 6-wheeled coaches in the 1880's, including those fitted with James Cleminson's patented system for guiding the coach round a curve, provided such significant improvements over the old four-wheelers that they became the first main-line coaches suitable for express speeds. Although bogie coaches followed fairly quickly, the use of 6-wheelers was still widespread well into the 1920s and '30s, mixed trains of bogie and 6-wheelers being quite common practice and many of the full brakes survived even longer providing additional luggage and parcels space and in the departmental role.

Our models incorporate features typically found on many 6-wheelers, including authentic representations of liveries, construction details and appropriate roof variations.

The 5-compartment 3rd class and 4-compartment 1st class and central luggage compartment in composites were common features of many 6-wheel designs.

Both historically and visually, these versatile little coaches are a significant asset to any collection.

£265 each set of 4 coaches. 1 Set of 4 in SR green for sale.(Feb 2017)

The liveries available so far are; LMS, GWR, SR, LNER, MET, LT, LBSCR, MR, SDJR, LSWR and CR.

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SR , 1 Set of 4 for sale.


GWR Clerestory, showing Full Brake as well as 3 of the coaches.

London Transport/MET