Wonersh Trains

UK Agent for Darstaed de Luxe O-gauge Electric Trains and Accessories

Spares and Accessories.. Still some items available, contact me on brelcol@talktalk.net to see what I have or can get for you. 1. Pick-up Bogie/Replacement Bogies

Good supply of LNER bogies with insulated wheel sets which rorate on the axle to give minimum resistance. £10 each.Some pick-up bogies, both 2R and 3R at £20 each.

Single coaches may be purchased, subject to availability.

4. Couplings and Coachboards.

The standard drop link couplings are available, £1.50 each. Sold Out

Coachboards are £2 each. I only have 9 BOURNEMOUTH BELLE, 1 WATERLOO - ILFRACOMBE and 8 KENTISH BELLE.
Postage per padded envelope is £1.00

6. Technical Tips.

Non Corridors.  Raise both drop links and place one on top of other, to avoid interference with the electrical connections.
Brighton Belles.  Performance can sometimes be improved by fitting non-insulated wheel sets in the pick-up bogie to increase the return circuit. These wheel sets are available at £5 a pair. But clean wheels and clean track is a much better solution!
Pullman electrical connectors. The position of the 2 plugs sometimes varies and makes them difficult to push in. Slacken off both nuts, insert in coach end and then tighten.

7. Wheels

Axles with fixed wheels £2.00 each, white or non-painted rims, 2R or 3R 3R now Sold out, 2R good quantity in stock. 2R rotating axles at £3.00 each axle, a few available.